Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Degreasing by Arsen

Keeping your kitchen exhaust hoods clean and clear is an important part of the preventative maintenance for any kitchen. Not only does it make the units more efficient but preventing a build-up of grease helps eliminate odours, pest activity and reduces the risk of fire. This is especially true when kitchens are situated next to guest accommodation areas as the odour of stale fat is not conducive to a relaxing break in “Paradise”.

Demand for a reliable contractor to degrease and clean kitchen exhaust systems is growing and Arsen have taken positive steps to meet this demand with a dedicated team of technicians and commercial grade chemicals that can do the job properly.

Arsen one

Their service overs:

  1. Initial Inspection of the Exhaust System
  2. Make the System and surrounding area safe
    1. Shut Off the Exhaust Fan
    2. Shut Off All Stove and Appliance Pilot Lights and Gas Valves
    3. Minimize Contamination
  3. Prep the Kitchen
  4. Start the Vent Hood Cleaning Process
  5. Rinse all areas
  6. Manually Scrape Problem Areas
  7. Clean the exhaust hoods
  8. Re-Install Filters and Inspect the System
  9. Clean Up the Kitchen
  10. Post-Cleaning Inspection

Note: The technicians are supplied with all necessary safety equipment such as googles, gloves, safety shoes and harnesses.

Who are Arsen?

Established in 2012, Arsen is one of the largest suppliers of total kitchen and laundry solutions which includes recycling and reduction machinery, incinerators, and oil filter systems. Their extensive portfolio includes some of the latest trends in equipment designed to minimise waste and save the end consumer money!

In addition to offering quality equipment from leading manufactures, Arsen offer a robust service and support package which includes a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts. Demand for this service has grown, as people recognise that well maintained equipment both functions better and lasts longer.

The Arsen Sales Office / Showroom / Spare parts office is situated on Sosun Magu, in the heart of Male' and easily accessible, thereby minimising delays and allowing levels of uninterrupted service to be maintained.

For further information or to book an inspection contact Mark Anandappa
M: +960 779 3976 | T: +960 330 0701 | F: +960 301 1878

Janet Smailes
Janet Smailes is a Food Safety Consultant and Trainer from the UK who has been in the Maldives since 2013. She has a strong hospitality background with kitchen and operational experience to bring a practical focus. You can reach her on