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Maldives records over 50,000 tourists in first 9 days of 2024

The Ministry of Tourism has reported that a total of 50,983 tourists visited the Maldives in the initial nine days of 2024. This marks a 6.4% increase compared to the same period in 2023, where 47,931 tourists arrived. In contrast, the figures for the same timeframe in 2022 stood at 43,079 visitors.

According to the latest statistics, Russia led the pack with the highest number of tourists during the first nine days of this year, contributing 7,601 arrivals. Italy followed closely with 7,204 visitors, while India, the United Kingdom (UK), and Germany recorded 3,791, 3,753, and 3,178 arrivals, respectively.

The data also reveals that there are a total of 1,140 tourist establishments currently open in the Maldives, providing 61,273 beds. These establishments include resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and liveaboards.

January 2 witnessed the highest daily tourist visits, with 6,640 tourists arriving in the Maldives on that particular day. On average, the Maldives welcomes 5,665 arrivals daily, with tourists staying for an average of 8.1 days in the country. The statistics point towards a robust start for tourism in the Maldives in the early days of 2024.

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