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Maldives observes over 2% hike in June tourist arrivals

The Maldives saw 123,281 tourists in June this year, according to statistics from Maldives Immigration. This is a 2.42% increase from the 120,363 tourists who visited during the same period last year. China had the highest number of visitors, with 20,036 tourists in June. Russia followed with 14,865 tourists, while India came in third with […]

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Maldives welcomes 1 millionth tourist of 2024

Maldives on Thursday welcomed the one millionth tourist to visit this year. The one millionth tourist is a Thai named Sutapa Amonwivat, who arrived from Singapore with her husband and two children. This is her second visit to Maldives. Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and the Ministry of Tourism gave a warm welcome […]

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Maldives attracts over 500,000 tourists in 2024

Over 500,000 tourists arrived in Maldives as of Wednesday, making it 25% of this year’s tourism target. According to figures released by the Tourism Ministry, 524,339 tourists have arrived in Maldives so far this year. Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal said on social media that 25% of the tourism target has been achieved. ‚ÄúThis is the […]

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Maldives Sets New Record for Single-Day Tourist Arrivals!

Maldives has reached a new milestone in tourist arrivals, welcoming a record-breaking 10,213 visitors in a single day. This surpasses the previous record of 9,000 set just last week, signifying a significant surge in tourist activity. “Today marks a significant achievement for the Maldives,” declared Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal. “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to […]

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Maldives records over 50,000 tourists in first 9 days of 2024

The Ministry of Tourism has reported that a total of 50,983 tourists visited the Maldives in the initial nine days of 2024. This marks a 6.4% increase compared to the same period in 2023, where 47,931 tourists arrived. In contrast, the figures for the same timeframe in 2022 stood at 43,079 visitors. According to the […]

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Saudi Arabia among Maldives’ top 10 tourist markets for first time

In a notable development, Saudi Arabia has secured a position among the top ten countries with the highest tourist arrivals to the Maldives for the first time, according to statistics from the Tourism Ministry. The data reveals that 1,182 tourists have already visited the Maldives from Saudi Arabia this year. Contrasting with last year’s rankings, […]

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Maldives’ main airport sets new air traffic movement record

Velana International Airport (VIA) achieved a new milestone in air traffic movement, with a record-breaking 925 movements recorded on Saturday, as reported by the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL). This surpasses the previous highest daily air traffic movement of 861, marking a seven percent increase. On this noteworthy day, VIA saw a total of 104 […]

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Maldives president urges more efforts to regain China’s top spot in tourism

President Mohamed Muizzu urged intensified efforts to restore China’s status as the primary tourism source for the Maldives, addressing tourism stakeholders from both nations during the Invest Maldives Forum at Fuzhou’s Strait International Convention and Exhibition Centre in China. Highlighting the pre-pandemic prominence of China as the Maldives’ leading tourism market, President Muizzu emphasised the […]

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Maldives’ 2023 tourist arrivals exceed 1.8m target by 78,537

Tourist arrivals in the Maldives for 2023 crossed the government’s projected estimate of 1.8 million by 78,537. The government had initially anticipated 1.8 million tourist arrivals for the year, a goal that was achieved on schedule. According to the Tourism Ministry’s statistics, 2023 witnessed the highest influx of tourists in the nation’s history, totalling 1,878,537 […]

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Maldives welcomes UK’s Benjamin Moore as first tourist of 2024

The first visitor to grace Maldives in the new year, a British national, was greeted with a warm welcome on Monday. Traditionally, the inaugural tourist passing through immigration on New Year’s Day is hailed as the first arrival of the year in Maldives, receiving a warm reception. This year’s first traveller happened to be Benjamin […]

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Maldives aims for 2 million tourists in 2024

The Tourism Minister of Maldives, Ahmed Faisal, has announced that the island nation is expecting to attract two million tourists by 2024, despite the global uncertainties caused by the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict. Faisal made the statement on Saturday evening, on the ‘Raajje Miadhu’ programme of the state-owned Public Service Media (PSM). He […]


Maldives sees record private jet arrivals ahead of New Year holidays

Velana International Airport (VIA) is witnessing an influx of private jets primarily used by affluent tourists as the holiday season approaches. Annually, a substantial number of tourists, including those arriving on private jets, flock to the Maldives during the New Year and winter holidays. VIA, the primary airport in the Maldives, is gearing up for […]