Acquiring a Maldives Resort: 7 Factors

As we look forward to unlocking our borders, reopening the country for tourists and salvaging the economy from the crisis inflicted on it by Covid-19, conversations from strategic and financial buyers are making subtle hints at the prospects of economic opportunity borne out of the pandemic. In addition to the prospects over likely debt financing […]

Three Issues Maldives owners raise with prospective operators

When an HMA deal is negotiated, one would very early on see the divergence in goals desired by the owner and the operator. Challenge is in bringing the parties with varying agendas to the table, engage in a mutually beneficial dialogue, and leave with a feeling of win-win for both parties, and celebrating that outcome […]

Maldives Resorts: Commandeered for Quarantine Facilities

As a matter of light conjecture, the Maldives is reported to offer the best quarantine facilities – fully functional tourist resorts.  As we all know, the Maldives is under a public health emergency since 12 March 2020. That was a step taken in reaction to the first positive Covid-19 case in a visiting Italian tourist […]