AN IMPOSSIBILITY TO A REALITY Once thought to be an impossible economic sector, given the geographical limitations, isolation and lack of infrastructure, the Maldivian tourism industry will soon be marking its 50th anniversary in two years’ time.  Unyielding to the viability assessment and opinion of the United Nations, the Maldives had entered a new dawn […]


Noise is by far the most common complaint you will hear from hotel guests. This is especially prevalent with city hotels, and less so with beach resorts. However, it is not that outlandish to receive a complaint or two about being deprived of sleep due to an unrelenting barrage of noise by an obnoxiously loud […]

Remote work mentions have tripled in Hilton’s and Accor’s 2020 filings – GlobalData

Self-isolations, quarantines and national lockdowns; the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we live, work and function as a society. Accounting for over two million deaths and huge economic upheavals across the globe, this health and economic crisis has now pushed companies to resort to extraordinary measures in order to maintain operations while protecting […]

Highflyers in Paradise

Right before Christmas, the Maldives started seeing a massive surge of private jets flying into the popular holiday destination. Like flocks in migration, these iron birds were landing one after the other, filling up the tarmacs across the country. To escape the confines of their homes during this festive season and to avoid a possible […]