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5 Best Kids Clubs in Maldives Resorts

Maldives is no longer a destination just for honeymooners, the pristine isles are becoming a popular destination for family holidays. Parents traveling to the Maldives can still enjoy romantic moments by utilizing the excellent child care services provided by the resort’s Kids Clubs. The Kids Clubs go above and beyond to provide educational and entertaining […]

Maldives Solo Female Traveler

Maldives Guide for Solo Female Travelers

The Maldives is a beautiful island nation and an ideal destination for solo female travelers seeking a peaceful getaway. The Maldives has emerged as a leader in wellness travel. The island’s pristine beaches, lush nature and luxurious wellness treatments are ideal for solo female travelers looking to unwind and reconnect their mind and body in […]

SkyRock Band Maldives

Exclusive: Maldivian Band SkyRock on New Single and Success

The Maldivian band SkyRock formed in 2017. The current lineup has been together for the last couple of years and consists of Insha on vocals, Faffu on vocals and rhythm guitar, Husen on keyboard, Inan on bass guitar, Faizan on drums and Zayaan as the lead guitarist. The band’s name was conceived on a beautiful […]

Maldives ADR

Arrivals Numbers Alone Do Not Indicate Health of Maldives Tourism Industry

The tourist arrival figure is not the only indicator to measure the health of the tourism industry. Arrivals are a straightforward metric to obtain and celebrate, but it is not adequate to assess the health of the tourism industry. More important indicators may be overshadowed by the preoccupation of arrival targets. With rapid development of […]

Maldives Hospitality Tips

Improve Guest Hospitality Experiences by De-Anonymizing Guests

More hoteliers are understanding the difference between “guest service excellence” and “hospitality.” In short, “guest service excellence” is more demonstrative, while “hospitality” is more of a philosophy for our work-life culture — or, as true hospitality superstars know, it’s really a philosophy for living daily. Improve guest hospitality by de-anonymizing your guests. It is a word […]

Maldives Resort Sublease Law

Necessary Improvements to Resort Sublease Regulatory Framework

Sublease of resort properties is a common occurrence in the Maldives tourism industry. In the past half century, a significant share of tourism development is directly attributable to the creative gymnastics of sublease holders. In the absence of any tourism law protections or specific regulatory safeguards, the resort sublease agreements are left to be governed […]


Artist Baachy Explores the Mystery of the Colour White

Ahmed Azmee, most commonly known as Baachy, is a Maldivian artist who works with mixed-media and pushes the boundaries of self-expression. With the intention of reflecting his feelings in contexts of the outside world, Baachy employs a bold and fluid approach to producing art. Typically donning a black t-shirt, Baachy works for hours on end, […]

Maldives Resort Sublease

Resort Sublease Legal Inadequacies

Sublease of resort properties is a common occurrence in the Maldives tourism industry. In the past half century, a significant share of tourism development is directly attributable to the creative gymnastics of sublease holders. Subleases happen in two forms: sublease of an operational resort; and sublease of a virgin island. In the last twelve months […]

New Pathway for Resort Lease

New Avenue for Island Leases if Development is for Public Good

In an amendment brought to the Tourism Act in December 2020, the government created an additional pathway to acquire islands from the government for tourism development. The tenth Amendment to the Tourism Act recognizes the concept of cross subsidy as a valid means to acquire a resort lease if the development is deemed beneficial to […]

Jean-Micheal Costeau, a Voice for the Ocean and Future Generations

Born in France in 1938, Jean-Michel Cousteau spent his life exploring the depths of the deep blue ocean, rich marine life and nature-connectedness. Jean-Michel’s love for the ocean began at the age of seven when he started diving using the Aqua-Lung that his father, Jacques Cousteau co-invented. After a lifetime dedicated to ocean conservation through […]

Ausy Waseem

Ausy Waseem, One of the Industry’s Youngest Resort Managers

Hailing from the southern island of Fuvamulah, Ausy Waseem is making his mark in the tourism industry as one of the youngest resort managers. A modern outlook matched with unique ideas and a brilliant mind, Ausy handles the operations of one of the largest island resorts in the Maldives; Siyam World. Inspired by his father’s […]

Vilunü Scent Marketeering

Vilunü Ventures into Scent Marketeering

On January 9, 2023, Vilunü celebrated three years of creating modern bespoke scents inspired by lush Maldivian nature. The local brand’s success is evident as Vilunü recently entered the field of scent marketing. Scent has the powerful ability to inspire feelings of nostalgia and delightful memories. Scent is an underutilized yet valuable sense for the […]