Top Hospitality Industry Trends in 2022

10 Ways on How to Improve Hotel Operations

If you´re reading this, chances are you´re looking for ways to improve your hotel´s operational performance – and you are unsure what actions to take and which tasks to prioritize. And understandably so, since creating a successful hotel business is anything but a straightforward – cookie-cutter process, and success definitely doesn’t come overnight… It requires […]

How Google Hotel Ads is Penetrating the Hotel Distribution Vertical, and the Opportunity this Presents for Hotels

Google is taking the hotel industry by storm to gain market share and grow their advertising revenues. We will take a look at how Google is penetrating the hotel distribution vertical with Google Hotel Ads, and what opportunities this gives in terms of hotel revenue management and marketing. From Hotel Finder to GHA Exactly ten years […]

Top Hospitality & Hotel Trends in 2021 & 2020

Fundamentally it has been a completely different year from any other – many referring to a “new normal” – bringing a plethora of contrasts to the industry when comparing hospitality to pre-covid times. This urges the need to review what trends have come and go, and put any concerns into perspective. Of course, Covid-19 has […]

Step by Step Guide to Collecting Hotel Guest Email Addresses

Capturing hotel guest data and information including email addresses and other contact details has become a fundamental part of any successful hotel management strategy. Central to a winning strategy is an intelligent, modern email marketing approach. Even with the rise of social media and other digital communication channels, email remains the channel of reference for […]

Revenue Management Strategies during an Economic Downturn or Global Financial Crisis

The unofficial definition of Revenue Management used by insiders is ‘the art of turning away business’. This certainly does not apply during the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) global healthcare crisis, and the economic downturn the hotel industry is facing in its aftermath. All the standard strategies and playbooks are out of the window right now. So […]

How To Increase Hotel Revenue in Low Season

Hotel low season revenue has long been considered to simply be an unfortunate fact of the industry. It brings less demand and, therefore, lower revenues too. But the industry has changed so much in such a short space of time, and hotels no longer have to accept that low season automatically means slow business. By […]

Five ways to drive incremental revenue to your hotel

In last year’s article on hotel ancillary revenue, we shared insider tips on how to generate extra revenue at your hotel or resort. We explained, among other things, how to upsell and cross-sell your services and how to leverage underutilised areas to increase revenue. These main strategies will stay relevant during the coming years, but […]

Top five revenue management and distribution tips for 2019

Adapt and evolve: forget about practice In his book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell popularised what became known as the 10,000-hour rule, by documenting the lives of successful people such as Bill Gates, Mozart and the Beatles. “Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness”, he wrote, inspired by the work of Daniel Levitin, the […]

Female-friendly hospitality: How to make your hotel appeal to women

Following the global outpour on International Women’s Day last March 8 (2019), hoteliers around the world should take some time to look into a very important market segment, the solo female traveller. Tapping into and capitalising on new and growing niches such as solo and experience-focused travel has become a major asset for the hotel […]

Five common mistakes in hotel revenue management

I have been in this hotel revenue management game for more than two decades now. And after all these years it still gets me anxious when I see hotels not performing at their full potential. So I have put together a list of five common mistakes made in revenue management in hotels, resorts and hostels. Unfortunately, making […]

How to get millennials to book your hotel: The five-step plan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So by now, we should all know that millennials represent the largest consumer demographic group in the world today. And more importantly for the hotel sector, they love to travel. For these reasons, it is critical to the success of your hotel management strategy to appeal to the millennial market. This consumer group is made up of […]