Maldives tourism industry calls for more foreign workers as local workforce falls short

The Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI) is proposing a significant increase in the number of foreign workers allowed in resorts, citing a looming shortage of Maldivian employees. According to a study by People First HR Consultancy, the tourism industry will require an additional 78,087 employees by 2027, on top of the current 20,245. However, […]

Govt announces scholarship scheme for resort senior positions

During a campaign rally in Mahchangolhi ward in Male Tuesday evening, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced a scholarship scheme aimed at training Maldivians for senior roles within the nation’s resorts. Addressing resort employees, the president expressed the government’s commitment to exploring avenues for providing training for key positions within the tourism sector. He also mentioned […]

President allocates 300 flats for long-serving tourism workers

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has taken steps to support long-serving employees in the tourism sector by allocating 300 flats under the Gedhoruveriya social housing scheme. This move aims to provide housing for individuals who have dedicated 15 years of service to the tourism industry. Akram Kamaluddin, the State Housing Minister, confirmed this allocation, highlighting that […]

Muizzu vows dedicated housing category, retirement scheme for tourism workers

Presidential candidate for PPM-PNC, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, announced a significant commitment on Thursday, pledging to create a dedicated housing category for employees in the crucial tourism sector. Speaking at a rally in F. Nilandhoo, Dr. Muizzu outlined the key elements of his manifesto to address the needs of those working in the tourism industry. Acknowledging […]

Muizzu proposes 4-week term break, Dec main holiday as solution to school holiday debate

Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the presidential candidate for PPM-PNC, has offered his resolution to the ongoing controversy surrounding school holidays. He announced on Thursday that the main school holidays would be shifted back to December, while an additional one-month holiday would be introduced as a mid-year term break. For years, school holidays in the Maldives have […]

Women in Hospitality: Simmi Soodan

Simmi Soodan is the Director of Sales at Jumeirah Vittaveli. Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir in India, Simmi has always been passionate about the hospitality industry.

How to use online learning to develop your career in the hospitality industry

While working in the hospitality industry it can be hard to gain the qualifications you need to develop your career further, but UDOL can offer you the flexibility to do this.

Careers: Thoha Yoosuf, Operations Manager at Olhuveli Beach Resort and Spa

Thoha Yoosuf started his career in the hospitality industry as a teenager working as a waiter. Presently he is the operations manager at Olhuveli Beach Resort and Spa.

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